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How To Take the Ferry from Tahiti to Moorea

Tahiti and Moorea are popular island getaways in the South Pacific. Both are part of French Polynesia so the entry requirements are the same, and their close proximity to one another makes visiting them both during your trip fairly simple. Although they each offer a unique experience, as do all the different islands throughout the country, you can have a wonderful trip regardless how much time you choose to spend on each. Tahiti is the most populated island of French Polynesia, and with that comes a degree of traffic and congestion in the capital of Papeete, although it is all scaled down to an island level; Moorea is the smaller, more relaxed, laid back, country version of Tahiti, with several more hotels to choose from and a growing number of Airbnb options. (Save up to $40 on your first Airbnb rental!) Both islands are expensive, so an excellent way to save some money on your trip is to take the Tahiti ferry to Moorea!

Tahiti ferry distance
The ferry crosses a small channel between the two islands, as seen here looking at Moorea from Tahiti.

Two ferry companies operate the service between Tahiti and Moorea – Aremiti and Terevau. They both offer similar amenities and the boats look to be equally as nice, although we only traveled on Aremiti. The boats transport vehicles on the lower level while the upper level, and on some boats, a small outdoor section is for the passengers. Our boat, Aremiti’s Ferry 2, included several restrooms and a café for food and drink purchases. We didn’t take advantage of the café but the food looked like standard transportation options. The Tahiti ferry was very clean, comfortable, and modern and the passage was smooth.

Most travelers prefer to have all their transportation booked before they begin their journey, especially to ensure they arrive on time to their lodging. Aremiti does offer online ticket purchase, but buying tickets at the ferry terminal is easy and quick so don’t worry if you don’t get them ahead of time! Between the two companies, there are no less than seven trips available each day and that is on Sunday, the slowest day. We arrived just a couple hours before our planned departure and bought tickets using a credit card with no issue, and there were hundreds of empty seats on the boat we took. On Aremiti, tickets are not issued for specific times, you can use them on any crossing they offer.

Tahiti ferry schedule
Aremiti schedule as of 29 March 2017. Click here to check their current schedule. Screenshot from aremiti.net.
Tahiti ferry schedule
Terevau schedule as of 29 March 2017. Click here to check their current schedule.Screenshot from terevau.pf.

Air Tahiti provides nearly all flight options throughout French Polynesia, as well as service to the Cook Islands, which are related to New Zealand. With little competition, the prices can be somewhat high given the short length of most flights. Tahiti to Moorea in either direction is a fifteen-minute flight. However, that can cost anywhere from $40 USD to more than $100 USD. That may not sound like much considering it’s a flight, but the Tahiti ferry is $10.50 USD or $13.50 USD, depending on which company you decide to use. The ferry trip takes about 45 minutes, but you don’t have to arrive early for security processing or long baggage check-in lines, so the total trip will be no more than one hour. This is about the same amount of time for the flight when you consider all that comes with air travel these days, and you get the added experience of being on the water, which is a rare feeling for most.

The Tahiti ferry service between Moorea is fast, comfortable, and cheap, so it’s a great way to stretch your vacation money farther. You should have no issue buying your tickets from the terminal on the day of your planned travel, so go ahead and enjoy your cost savings from your cheaper tickets with a beach cocktail and soak in the island life for less!

Tahiti ferry departure
Our view of Tahiti aboard Aremiti’s Ferry 2 en route to Moorea.

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