Bali Sunset
[ Asia ]

Bali, Indonesia – Surfing With Friends

Reunion, by Kathryn
Shouldn’t they be here by now? Zack and I anxiously awaited the arrival of our friends, Tessa and Kyle, from our modern hotel room in Bali. The hotel was only a mile from the airport, but the taxi ride out of the airport takes twenty minutes, on a good day. No, this isn’t an anathema, it’s just the way it go...

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Bali Sunset
[ Asia ]

Bali, Indonesia – Our Week of Surf Life

A wide beach stretched for miles in either direction. The red-orange sun was lowering to the sea. The tide was out and the packed sand was perfect for runners, families taking photos, and groups playing soccer or volleyball. Beach surfboard shops were transitioning to miniature beach cafes, all with plastic lawn chairs, bottle c...

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Mount Inari
[ Asia ]

Kyoto, Japan – Mount Inari’s Torii Gates

Thousands of orange gates led us up the mountain. Most showed their age, some glistened with new paint, fewer still had wet cement in their foundations. Our jetlagged wakeup aided our early arrival to Mount Inari, and although several others were with us at the beginning of the walk, our isolation increased with the altitude. An...

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Tenryuji Temple
[ Asia ]

Kyoto, Japan – Tenryuji Temple and Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Running water joined the cicadas’ constant call as we walked past the centuries-old pavilion. Ornate tapestries hung inside while a serene pond beckoned us to sit, relax, and think. Lichen covered several boulders along the surrounding slope, and some of the trees’ leaves had begun to change color. The same scene would have been...

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