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Kailua, Hawaii – Our Favorite Spot

Will it be as good as we remember? The question ran through our minds as we headed toward Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. We lived there for three years from 2011 to 2014, and our memories of it are fantastic. Kailua still ranks as one of our favorite places on the planet. A walkable, moderately sized town framed by tropical sheer mountai...

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The Big Island, Hawaii – Homecoming and Lava Flows

Foreword (by Kathryn)
Mauruuru becomes Mahalo. Tahitian to Hawaiian. One magic archipelago to another. We are sitting on a plane headed almost due North from Tahiti to Hawaii. English is spoken around us, American English. We understand every single word, we can even eavesdrop if we want. I am wearing a lei made almost complete...

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[ South Pacific ]

Rarotonga, Two Weeks of Island Life

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes from the moment the plane touched down we were standing in the yard of our rental watching the chickens peck at the grass. Our three-hour flight across the South Pacific Ocean had only a dozen passengers. While we were still walking into the building the little turboprop shut down. The runway, flan...

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Intercontinental Moorea Sunrise
[ South Pacific ]

A Stay at Intercontinentals Moorea and Tahiti

As Huahine faded into the distance, we felt much happier than we expected. In fact, my jubilation was somewhat embarrassing, given how much I’d loved our time there. The past 48 hours hadn’t gone too well, and though our immediate feelings were focused on those hours, they did little to diminish our fond memories of the island. ...

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