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Rarotonga, Two Weeks of Island Life

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes from the moment the plane touched down we were standing in the yard of our rental watching the chickens peck at the grass. Our three-hour flight across the South Pacific Ocean had only a dozen passengers. While we were still walking into the building the little turboprop shut down. The runway, flan...

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Intercontinental Moorea Sunrise
[ South Pacific ]

A Stay at Intercontinentals Moorea and Tahiti

As Huahine faded into the distance, we felt much happier than we expected. In fact, my jubilation was somewhat embarrassing, given how much I’d loved our time there. The past 48 hours hadn’t gone too well, and though our immediate feelings were focused on those hours, they did little to diminish our fond memories of the island. ...

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[ South Pacific ]

One of Our Best Decisions Ever

Several activities had been planned, or really, left, for our last few days in our Huahine island home. We still had pictures to take, food to eat, hikes to do, people to see…the standard end of a stay in one place. You wait for another day, sure there will be more time. Well we had the days, but they came with rain, so we relax...

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[ South Pacific ]

Huahine, Our Island Home

Moe smiled and waved from shore as the boat docked. Our timing to meet him for our pickup was perfect, and though we loved our motu home, we did not dread our return. The memories from our first week were great, and the proximity to town and all it offered was exciting. This return home from a short vacation wasn’t the forlorn e...

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