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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Saigon) – Brews and Friends

If you believe hashtags to be true, then Vietnam has oodles of timeless charm. At least, that's what the country's tourism tagline and associated hashtag claim. The country, small as it is, boasts landscapes as varied as they are jaw-dropping and a culture that holds on to its traditions. That travel to the country by Americans ...

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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – Cruising Among Cliffs

Another morning in Hanoi filled with traffic, another late pickup. In a city overflowing with people, arrival and departure times are approximate, to say the least. As long as the driver is on the way…well, the only thing to do is just get comfortable. Zack used the time to run across the street and grab a breakfast banh mi sand...

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Sapa Vietnam
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Sapa, Vietnam – Mountain Adventures

A few miles south of China, we turned left. The road twisted and turned up the steep hills. Small houses dotted the roadside. Horns announced a passing vehicle, no matter the visibility or whether an oncoming vehicle approached. Our bus was the passing vehicle more often than not.

Streams turned into waterfalls and passed bel...

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