About Us

You know that moment when your glasses clink and everyone smiles at one another? You have probably just sat down at a restaurant for a meal or drink or welcomed people into your home or been welcomed into theirs.  Everyone is happy to be together to share some time with each other. The drinks have been poured – wine, cocktails, juice, coffee, tea, beer, water. The meal is just beginning and everyone is anticipating what they will eat or is excited to catch up and connect. Someone says, “Cheers!” or “Salud!” or “Slainte!” and everyone stops for a moment to raise his or her glass to appreciate the moment, perhaps for a special reason or no reason at all except the here and now. Life is good, grand, and you can almost feel the warmth spreading out from your heart. That is what The Cheers Life is all about, making our life the adventure we dream of and living every day as if it is a special occasion, because it is.

As you may have guessed, we always toast!

Our dream is to be free from jobs which dictate the day to day to us and to travel the world. After years of saving, we are living it now, every day, because today is better than someday. We met in college (OK, not exactly normal college, the US Naval Academy) and fell in love. After fulfilling our military commitments in the US Marine Corps as a logistician (Zack) and the US Navy as a Naval Flight Officer (Kathryn), and after many wild experiences and a bunch of friends we count as family or even closer, we decided the military was not for us. Zack left a couple of years before Kathryn and ran a small business after stints in corporate America (also not for him) and teaching (maybe later). We began traveling three days after Kathryn’s last day, on October 10, 2016. Who knows where it will lead!